Processing drawings

I'm not really sure what to call these, so I usually just call them 'drawings'. Sketch is probably a better term, but that's what they call the original file in processing.js, the program I use to make them. In procecssing I coded an interactive toy that I can randomly load different photographs into a blank canvas, each placed in unique locations each time the program is run. Also, it's set up to be able to load in different shapes and patterns, each with random variations in color, shape, rotation, and position values that can be further manipulated with keyboard controls. I wanted to create a unique design experience for myself with random variability each time I sit and play with it. And because it was coded to support high resolution output, it ended up being what I used to design the spreads of my my last zine.

These drawings were made on a 12 foot wide projector screen from the comfort of my couch. All photos were taken with either a Ricoh GR1s, Minolta CLE, or Mamiya 6 film cameras.