Honda CMe

1967 Honda CM91 electric conversion

Before / After


For the last 5 years, I saw this Honda collecting dust in my friend Kingston's backyard. Each time I'd see it, I would ask him to sell it to me. I've built a few two-stroke mopeds over the years and was interested in building my first 'motorcycle'. Last year Kingston told me had to clear some stuff out of his space and asked me if I was interested in the bike. Needless to say, I was stoked. I wasn't familiar with the details of the bike before I got it and assumed the gas tank was something one of the past owners put on themselves. After a little research, I learned that the bike was a 1967 Honda CM91 with the one year only Rally pack; an attempt by Honda to make the bike more masculine than the usual step-through bikes they were selling with the same drivetrain. The Rally pack included a fiberglass tank with a plastic bladder and a seat with a similar style as ones I've seen on different Italian sportbikes of the era. At first, I was just planning on a standard restoration, keeping the original engine. But, after researching how others felt about the engine, the 3-speed transmission didn't sound very appealing to me, so instead of rebuilding this motor, I sold it and planned to find another engine that would fit. That all changed late one night while scanning the internet. I came across Shanghai Customs, some New Zealand expats living in China who put together an entire kit to electrify Honda Cubs, a bike similar enough to the CM91 that I thought I could make it work. I've had a slight interest in electric vehicles over the last few years and figured this would be a good way to learn. I ended up making the kit work with a little cutting and grinding and learned a lot about electric drivetrains in general. This post doesn't show every detail of the build process (should've taken more pictures), but should at least give an idea of what went into putting the CMe together.




'Fuel' Tank


On the road